Re: Test document: a few comments (one comment about AS & S)

I take the relevant text to be:

The top-level technical notion in this semantics for OWL is then
whether an interpretation satisfies an OWL ontology, and the derived
notion of entailment.
An Abstract OWL interpretation, I, <em>satisfies</em> an OWL ontology,
O, iff I satisfies each axiom and fact in the imports closure of O.
An Abstract OWL ontology is <em>consistent</em> if there is some
interpretation that satisfies it.
An Abstract OWL ontology <em>entails</em> an OWL axiom or fact if each
interpretation that satisfies the ontology also satisfies the axiom or
An Abstract OWL ontology <em>entails</em> another Abstract OWL ontology if each
interpretation that satisfies the first ontology also satisfies the
second ontology.
Note that there is no need to create the imports closure of an
ontology - any method that correctly determines the entailment relation is


Could you add an anchor on consistent and entails please.
Also can I have the similar anchors in the OWL Full semantics.


Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:

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> Subject: Test document: a few comments (one comment about AS & S)
> Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 12:37:51 +0100
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>>The first comment actually requires a change in the Abstract Syntax 
>>and Semantics document.
>>- Sections 3.4 and 3.5 refer to the notion of consistency 
>>"as defined by the OWL Semantics [reference AS & S]".
>>However, consistency is not explicitly defined in the Semantics 
>>document: its definition should be added to that document.
> Done.  This will show up later today or tomorrow.
> [...]
> peter

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