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"forced choice" user agent implementation of DNT

ACTION 270 - Propose existing DAA text for service providers

ACTION-212: Draft text on how user agents must obtain consent to turn on a DNT signal

action-235 Draft middle way draft on permitted uses

ACTION-254: Draft text on freq. capping that would avoid new definitions and/or remove redundant normative requirement

ACTION-255: Work on financial reporting text

ACTION-255: Work on financial reporting text as alternative to legal requirements

ACTION-260: Update debugging text (add normative 'short term', 'diagnostic', expand on or replace "graduated response")

ACTION-262 Re: Proposed Text for Local Law and Public Purpose

ACTION-263: Provide updated text regarding minimization


ACTION-267 - Propose first/third party definitions from existing DAA documents

ACTION-274: Propose non-normative text on service providers to clarify "independent use" (with rvaneijk)

ACTION-277 (2) - suggested clean-up of the intro to compliance 6.1

ACTION-277 - suggested clean-up of the intro to compliance 6.1

action-277, proposed edit to compliance

ACTION-291: Screen Size Requirements

ACTION-295: Should v. Must

ACTION-297: Update minimization text

ACTION-306: Declared Data Definition

ACTION-314: Draft non-normative examples of how a multi-domain site technically can ask for exceptions

ACTION-318 Update draft with JS window/navigator change

action-319: Draft non-normative text on how to accomplish non-JS third parties that want to request for exceptions (with lou)

action-320, out of band consent

action-324, public compliance texts (issue-45)

Adage article

Adobe Connect Link for Remote Attendees

affiliation change

Agenda for 16 October 2012 call

alternative to party and outsourcing definitions

Are we trying to build a compliance system on poorly-defined core concepts?

Barring software from altering a DNT signal set by a user agent (ACTION-284)

Berkeley releases DNT survey research study

Defining Issue-5: What is tracking?

Definition of "visit" (ACTION-303)

diffs between WD2 and WD3

Draft Agenda for 31 October 2012 call (EU: 1 hour earlier than usual...)

European train strikes

for discussion, ANA/MRC relationship, digital, etc

Formal Objection to the Decision Regarding A “Tri-­part choice requirement for users agents.”

Fwd: information on canal tour wednesday 3 october

Getting to f2f meeting from Amsterdam Centraal station

Global Considerations

Global Considerations Document lunchtime meeting notes

Graduated response (ACTION-279)

Housekeeping: Closing ISSUE 140 (concrete/explicit list of exceptions)

Housekeeping: Closing ISSUE-140 (concrete/explicit list of exceptions)

Interesting article

ISSUE-169: What do we mean by tracking?

ISSUE-170: Definition of and what/whether limitations around data append

ISSUE-174: How do we create straightforward compliance for implementers retaining data for N weeks or less?

ISSUE-175: Have an appendix of best practices?

ISSUE-176 (ACTION-301): Requirements on intermediaries/isps and header insertion that might affect tracking

ISSUE-176: Requirements on intermediaries/isps and header insertion that might affect tracking

ISSUE-177: Should we specify compliance requirements for software and hardware other than user agents? For example, is a web server package compliant if it tweaks DNT headers?

ISSUE-179: Make sure in the spec that we clarify information provided explicitly by a user (e.g. data typed into a form on a site with a clear privacy policy) is not subject to DNT.

ISSUE-45 ACTION-246 Clarified proposal on compliance statements

ISSUE-45 managing compliance mode tokens

Issue-5: What is the definition of tracking?

Linkability & European reality

Minor TPE action-item edits, done

Modifying a DNT Header (ISSUE-153, ACTION-285)

Multiple DNT Headers (ACTION-283, ISSUE-150)

my questions

Next F2F: W3C-Beach-House

Normative text for exceptions based on adrianba's proposal (ACTION-313)

on tone

Poll text call: final text by 28 September

Proposal for alternative exceptions API

Proposal: all exemptions to be opt-out, and identity to be declared.

Proposed definitions of Share and Collect

Proposed Text for Local Law and Public Purpose

pushing for progress on 3.6: unlinkable data and logging

Q: tracking status value 'N'?

Retention with grace period (ACTION-266)

slides from final session of AMS f2f

speech by VP Neelie Kroes

stop the flame wars, now.

Text for market research under issue 25

Third-Party Web Tracking: Policy and Technology Paper outlining harms of tracking

times and time zones for today's call

today's (24 October 2012) call: canceled

Towards closing the remaining issues in the TPE specification

tracking-ISSUE-171: How can the exception API be used to grant site-wide exceptions to multiple sites? [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-172: How should user agents be required to provide information about DNT? [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]

tracking-ISSUE-173: The TPE uses "top-level domain" in a sense that is not the normal meaning [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-178 (rachel_n_thomas): Add "Marketing" to list of permitted uses in Compliance document [Tracking Definitions a Compliance]

tracking-ISSUE-178 (rachel_n_thomas): Add "Marketing" to list of permitted uses in Compliance document [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]

tracking-ISSUE-180 (Keith Scarborough): Add "advertising" as a Permitted Use in the Compliance Document [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]

tracking-ISSUE-181: Finalize language regarding multiple first parties [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]

tracking-ISSUE-182 (MikeO): protocol for user agents to indicate whether a request with DNT set is 1st party or 3rd party [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-183 (Tk E ): Additional Tk header status value for EU [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-184 (Walter van Holst): 3rd party dependencies in 1st party content [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]

tracking-ISSUE-185 (WebWide Not): There should not be an API for web-wide exceptions [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

update: action-324, public compliance texts (issue-45)

URL re-direction (ACTION-304)

User Agent Explanation (ACTION-281, ISSUE-172)

Wednesday 10 October conference call

Wednesday, Oct 24th Meeting Regrets

working towards affirmative opt-in consent

Your W3C affiliation / on tone

Your W3C affiliation with Stanford University?

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