ACTION-291: Screen Size Requirements

This action is probably a little misnamed.  It should probably be named something like Privacy Policy Links for Multiple 1st Parties.  It was in reference to my concern that section 3.5.2 requires an additional 1st party such as a widget MUST include a link to their privacy policy.  While I think this is a good idea in general, I foresee that there may be scenarios in which a 1st party has very limited screen real estate.  (Sorry, I cannot think of a great example - perhaps a button that expands into an interactive widget, or small weather widget that only shows the temperature or something)

Recommend Normative Text Change:
It is possible to have multiple first parties on a single page but each party MUST provide clear branding and SHOULD provide a link to their respective privacy policy

Non-normative Text
While we expect that a privacy policy link can be included in nearly every scenario, we foresee that situations may arise in which a 1st party's share of screen real estate may not be sufficient to display a link.  If available screen real estate is too prohibitive to include a link, the 1st party needs to make sure that their policy is easily discoverable by users.  One such example may be having a logo or other elements of the required branding link to a landing page in which the privacy policy is clearly and easily labeled and discovered.


Received on Wednesday, 17 October 2012 17:07:35 UTC