RE: ISSUE-45 ACTION-246 Clarified proposal on compliance statements

A one-size-fits-all or common-denominator solution is also fragmentary, as it does not recognize diversity and forces supplemental (often conflicting) solutions to fill the gap between it and reality.

And I'm sure the poor Balkans are so tired of that term...

Bryan Sullivan

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I am truly puzzled that you'd suggest that everyone has agreed a single DNT compliance standard is not going to work globally.  I thought the whole purpose of the Working Group was to devise such a standard. There may be further requirements in different jurisdictions beyond that standard, but the idea is a universal W3C specification so that all parties involved in the Internet ecosystem have a common understanding of what DNT compliance generally entails.  Otherwise you sow confusion and promote fragmentation and balkanization of the Internet.


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On Oct 9, 2012, at 5:38 PM, Shane Wiley wrote:

Most everyone has agreed that a single compliance approach for DNT is not going to work globally.  By attempting to develop a single compliance approach we miss all of the great work achieved in each region in working within their legal frameworks, with their regulators, with their trade associations, and with their advocacy/cultural views.  This approach provides the limited flexibility needed to make DNT a real-world standard with high adoption rates

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