ACTION-314: Draft non-normative examples of how a multi-domain site technically can ask for exceptions

A Server can register a user granted exception for more than a single domain within a single user dialogue by creating individual iFrames within the user dialogue 'window' with each of these making an independent call to the UA to register their user granted exception.  This approach allows the same origin rule to remain intact and still allow for legitimate, real-world implementations to occur.  For example, if Company XYZ operates two domains: and and has business operations under both they are requesting a web-wide exception for, once a user has granted these, they can make one call from the domain of the user dialogue 'window" and have an iFrame pointing to the other domain to make the exception request call from that location (occurs asynchronously).  Each of these user granted exceptions are then recorded within the UA for future application (DNT:0 to those domains in a 3rd party context, auditing, verification, etc.).

Received on Wednesday, 31 October 2012 10:31:37 UTC