Re: Proposed Text for Local Law and Public Purpose

Hi Joe,

Good speaking with you the other day.  I think you are headed in the right
direction here, but unfortunately, these audit reports are very
sensitive-- as they go into granular detail, exposing exact methods,
practices and trade secrets that are confidential and sensitive to the
audited party, and thus are only shared with between the audited party,
the 3rd party auditor, and the MRC in the strictest of confidence.  That
stated, there may very well be something that can be shared to benefit
this group, I just don't know what it would be, so I'd defer that question
to the MRC itself.

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>Something that would be particularly valuable to methodologists like
>myself would be if there were an MRC/audit/whatever report that could
>be shared with this group in full (they presumably have a lot of
>proprietary and confidential information, no?). Such a thing may not be
>possible but it sounds like the independence of the MRC in ensuring ad
>quality is an important part of the ad side of this. best, Joe
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