Re: Proposed definitions of Share and Collect


Does providing a copy imply that the data is stored first?

If so, the definition of sharing does not take into account the element 
of real time, which is seen in RTB.

On 24-10-2012 6:09, Amy Colando (LCA) wrote:
> Per an action assigned to me in Amsterdam, I'm submitting a couple of 
> proposed verb definitions for discussion by the group.  I worked on 
> these with a small group, including David W., Rigo, Chris Pedigo and 
> Susan Israel.  I can't say that we are in total agreement, but we 
> wanted to share our work product to date in order to keep the process 
> moving forward.  Looking forward to feedback.
> Collect: a party "collects" data if it receives the data and stores it 
> for more than a transient period.
> Share: A party "shares" data if it transfers or provides a copy of 
> data that it has collected to any other party

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