RE: "forced choice" user agent implementation of DNT

| I'm not sure I understand, and there may still be some confusion. Is your point that in order to provide a hypothetical example about a single user agent, I
| have the duty to discuss implementation for all user agents? To be clear, I am NOT proposing this as a mandate in any way, and so am only interested in a
| single example. I fully agree that there are lots of non-browser user agents, which I'm choosing not to discuss. Or are you making another point that I am
| missing?
| To try again: suppose Mozilla tomorrow announces the implementation I've outlined for (desktop) Firefox. Would you object, yes or no? It sounds based on
| the discussion over user choice that noone would object. But I wanted to bring it up and make explicit this commitment to user choice, so that there are no
| surprises down the road.

OK, not to belabor the point but to bring this to conclusion hopefully:
As an optional implementation choice in one Web browser, I would reserve judgment until I saw the implementation. There are many reasons this might not work from a UX perspective. I would have concerns though if the implication was that this was a good approach in theory, which would be mandated for all browsers or HTTP-enabled applications.

Bryan Sullivan

Received on Tuesday, 16 October 2012 01:20:28 UTC