Re: ACTION-255: Work on financial reporting text as alternative to legal requirements


I still fail to see how advocating for industry change is the appropriate W3C staff position in this process. 

At a minimum, you should be aware of the actual industry innovation in this space. Here is a progress report from the DAA - 

And the CBBB issued a set of enforcement actions today that you will want to review since it is the only mandatory, enforceable program in the US - 

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> Mike, 
> On Monday 01 October 2012 13:47:51 Mike Zaneis wrote:
>> The industry is constantly evolving in the area of consumer
>> privacy,
> I'm happy to see that you're calling for innovation too and that you 
> applaud the industry for the constant evolution they undergo. My 
> intention was simply to put more emphasis on this necessary 
> progress. 
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> Rigo

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