Re: tracking-ISSUE-184 (Walter van Holst): 3rd party dependencies in 1st party content [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]

On 10/24/12 11:14 PM, Fred Andrews wrote:

> The DNT consent API may be creating the same problem by enabling nag-ware to
> just continue prompting the user for consent!

I think that can easily be prevented by treating any dependencies on 3rd
party content as a non-compliant expression of a 'same-party' status
object of the tracking status resource.

My understanding of the rationale, or at least a major rationale, for
the 1st vs 3rd party distinction is that in the current eco-system 1st
parties have relatively loose ties with 3rd parties, especially
advertisers who come and go on the fly through brokering platforms, and
that this group acknowledges this as a commercial fact.

If however the 1st party content is dependent on 3rd party content, I
think this practical rationale no longer applies.



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