Re: ISSUE-45 ACTION-246 Clarified proposal on compliance statements


thanks for this effort. I maintain, as I said to you in Amsterdam, 
that the fact that the DNT technical protocol starts with the 
expression of a user preference makes it inoperative for variable 
compliance expressions that you suggest. If we want to express 
compliance, we have to go back to a P3P like regime where the 
service states its compliance after the first HTTP-GET request. 

Because if the user sends you DNT:1 he tells you: "I want DNT-W3C" 
and he gets the answer "I'm doing DNT-DOOM". This is a negotiation. 
And we haven't provided for any negotiation in the technical 
specification. Or are you saying somebody coming in wanting "DNT-
W3C" can just be overruled so it means "I want DNT-DOOM" and 
fulfills the request under those conditions? In what way would that 
still respect a "user" preference? In this case we can just skip the 
entire circus and say: "I do DNT-DOOM". A kind of P3P for the poor. 
I know it would have been sooo simple and cool. But it simply 
doesn't work. The semantics are at odds with the suggested solution. 


P.S. Note that I had to say DNT-DOOM as a rational approach would 
assume that the user accepts a DNT-EU or DNT-Truste that would be 
better than the compliance spec, which is just a way out of the 
negotiation referred to above.

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