Re: Third-Party Web Tracking: Policy and Technology Paper outlining harms of tracking


If only...  We've been unable to develop a mechanism that works at scale and still allows Permitted Uses to operate as intended (aka - doesn't create significant business harm).  

I love this as an aspirational goal going forward but for DNT to be implemented in the near-term, unique identifiers will need to continue to exist and instead we should keep our initial focus on use-based restrictions.

Avoiding valid legal requests (what you call 'Spooks') should NOT be a goal of DNT in my opinion.  If you don't like the law, then work to change the law - not develop technical standards to circumvent it.

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> On Thursday 11 October 2012 16:35:20 Shane Wiley wrote:
>> So far I believe we're on track to meet your tests with the most
>> recent draft.
> I like that conclusion. Lets get back to the concrete questions. Do 
> we really need the unique identifiers in a DNT;1 context? Shane, 
> could you imagine an easy hack to mitigate Rob's fears about those 
> unique identifiers? Can we manage those on the user side to avoid 
> giving a vector for profiling?
> Rigo

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