Re: Retention with grace period (ACTION-266)

Without starting the "heat in Europe"-thing:

As I understood Ian, unrestricted sharing was not his intention within 
this period.

Ian, maybe you could repost your proposal under this action item?


Am 26.10.2012 12:05, schrieb Rigo Wenning:
> Ian,
> do you mean full sharing would be possible within the 6 weeks? We
> can have very few restrictions, but we can require that all copies
> shared have also to be deleted within the 6 weeks.
> I think there should be no limit to aggregation and de-
> identification within the 6 weeks so that they can keep the
> statistical data.
> Nice idea, will give me some heat in Europe. We should run it by
> Walter to test how much heat.
> Rigo
> On Thursday 25 October 2012 08:46:45 Ian Fette wrote:
>> That was not my intent to say that claiming use of this six week
>> period is mutually exclusive of claiming other usage rights
>> granted in the document. Merely to say that if you discard data
>> after 6 weeks you are compliant. If you retain data longer than 6
>> weeks, then at that point you must fully comply with the rest of
>> the document as it pertains to retention of data and usage.


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