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today's (24 October 2012) call: canceled

From: Aleecia M. McDonald <aleecia@aleecia.com>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 03:04:15 -0700
Message-Id: <AF9008A3-3EDF-4E7E-98BE-9C3ABABDA7B5@aleecia.com>
Cc: Justin Brookman <justin@cdt.org>, Alan Chapell <achapell@chapellassociates.com>, "Amy Colando (LCA)" <acolando@microsoft.com>, Nick Doty <npdoty@w3.org>, Ian Fette <icf@cs.cmu.edu>, Tom Lowenthal <tom@mozilla.com>, Lou Mastria <lou@aboutads.info>, Jonathan Robert Mayer <jmayer@stanford.edu>, Matthias Schunter <mts@schunter.org>, Rob Sherman <robsherman@fb.com>, David Singer <singer@apple.com>, "Michael[tm] Smith" <mike@w3.org>, Rachel Thomas <RThomas@the-dma.org>, Heather West <heatherwest@google.com>, Shane Wiley <wileys@yahoo-inc.com>, Rob van Eijk <rob@blaeu.com>
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My apologies to the group. I have had an urgent personal matter call me away, and Matthias is not available to chair. This makes only the second call in over a year that I have missed, and I am particularly sorry to cancel chairing at the last minute.

We have 50 overdue actions (owners are cc'ed) down from 55 last week, as listed below. 
	- All actions will get a one week extension due to my not being able to make the call today.
	- Expect overdue actions that are not Pending Review by next week to be closed for lack of activity, unless they are less than two weeks old (that is, assigned on 7 October or more recently.) 

Suggestions if you have fallen behind but still plan to complete your actions:
	- Use the time today when you would have been on the call.
	- If you are working with someone else to complete the action, you know they have the call time free too, which might be a good time to talk.
	- Find another group member to take the action, and cc me and Nick on email. The new author will get an additional week.

When you complete your text and send it to the mailing list, please remember to include "action-n" (where n is the number of the action) in the subject line and change the status of the action to Pending Review (not to Closed.) Feel free to ask for help with any mechanics. 

I notice we have people spending time on dlist posts arguing with each other in unproductive ways yet not getting to action items that could move documents -- and their ideas -- forward. This is not optimal. 

Overdue actions:

ACTION-311	open	Merge definitions of "party"	Justin Brookman	2012-10-19	Tracking Definitions and Compliance
ACTION-312	open	Merge financial logging language	Justin Brookman	2012-10-19	Tracking Definitions and Compliance
ACTION-310	open	Add three options for identity providers	Justin Brookman	2012-10-18	ISSUE-99
ACTION-309	open	Coordinate with David Singer to accord User Agent constraints in both specs	Justin Brookman	2012-10-18	Tracking Definitions and Compliance
ACTION-255	open	Work on financial reporting text (with nick, ian) as alternative to legal requirements	Alan Chapell	2012-09-19	
ACTION-264	open	Draft updated 'share' definition to avoid concerns (with rigo and chris-p)	Amy Colando	2012-10-10	
ACTION-262	open	Draft text regarding existing contracts (with vinay)	Amy Colando	2012-10-03	
ACTION-319	open	Draft non-normative text on how to accomplish non-JS third parties that want to request for exceptions (with lou)	Nick Doty	2012-10-12	
ACTION-284	open	Propose barring other software from altering a DNT signal if the browser already set it	Ian Fette	2012-10-10	
ACTION-304	open	Draft proposal on url re-direction	Ian Fette	2012-10-11	
ACTION-266	open	Suggest retention related to a timed grace period (with dwainberg)	Ian Fette	2012-10-10	
ACTION-279	open	Write an explanation of graduated response and a list of explanatory use cases	Ian Fette	2012-10-10	
ACTION-313	open	Draft normative text based on adrianba's exception proposal	Ian Fette	2012-10-12	
ACTION-303	open	Draft definition of "visit"	Ian Fette	2012-10-11	
ACTION-302	open	Draft intermediary requirements, without implementation details (with Brendan)	Thomas Lowenthal	2012-10-22	
ACTION-321	open	Set up a call about discussing singer's list of questions about what information is needed in response headers and status resource	Thomas Lowenthal	2012-10-22	
ACTION-258	open	Propose 'should' for same-party and why	Thomas Lowenthal	2012-10-22	
ACTION-323	open	Share results of what-the-response-is-for discussion	Thomas Lowenthal	2012-10-22	
ACTION-286	open	Propose DAA text regarding de-identification (for unlinkability discussion)	Luigi Mastria	2012-10-10	
ACTION-276	open	Provide text regarding data retention, applicable to finanical logging data	Luigi Mastria	2012-10-10	
ACTION-293	open	Draft non-normative examples illustrating graduated response	Jonathan Mayer	2012-10-11	
ACTION-298	open	Draft examples for data minimization	Jonathan Mayer	2012-10-11	
ACTION-285	open	Propose non-normative text to add on to action-231 (with nick)	Jonathan Mayer	2012-10-10	
ACTION-257	open	Prepare text options for a potential Call for Objections on service providers	Matthias Schunter	2012-09-26	
ACTION-238	open	Follow-up re: David, regarding purposes of the WKR	Matthias Schunter	2012-08-22	
ACTION-273	open	Propose text regarding multiple first parties	Rob Sherman	2012-10-10	
ACTION-282	open	Add to the TPE that at most one DNT header is permitted in any HTTP request (issue-150)	David Singer	2012-10-10	
ACTION-268	open	Edit the TPE document to make sure that the final definition of parties is in sync across the two specifications	David Singer	2012-10-10	
ACTION-307	open	Propose non-normative text on 119 (with schunter)	David Singer	2012-10-11	
ACTION-316	open	Draft update on when service provider indication is necessary (with fielding)	David Singer	2012-10-12	
ACTION-317	open	Draft non-normative examples on same-party (issue-164)	David Singer	2012-10-12	
ACTION-249	open	Ensure that the qualifiers reflect the permissions documented in the compliance document, due 10 october	David Singer	2012-10-10	Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)
ACTION-320	open	Write reference/examples as necessary for explaining out-of-band consent in TPE (with Joanne)	David Singer	2012-10-12	
ACTION-277	open	Propose non-normative text regarding contracts/other specifications	David Singer	2012-10-10	
ACTION-308	open	(with justin) to coordinate which document contains exceptions	David Singer	2012-10-11	
ACTION-291	open	update to 3.5.2 to address different requirements regarding screen size	Kevin Smith	2012-10-10	
ACTION-267	open	Propose first/third party definitions from existing DAA documents	Rachel Thomas	2012-10-10	
ACTION-287	open	Define "user expectation" as it's used in the context of the two documents.	Rachel Thomas	2012-10-10	Tracking Definitions and Compliance
ACTION-289	open	Define "unlinkable" related to section 3.6 on unlinkable data in compliance document	Rachel Thomas	2012-10-10	Tracking Definitions and Compliance
ACTION-270	open	Propose existing DAA text for service providers	Rachel Thomas	2012-10-10	
ACTION-251	open	Add DNT:0 definition and non-normative text to Compliance	Heather West	2012-09-12	
ACTION-271	open	Update service provider language to apply to first and third parties	Heather West	2012-10-10	
ACTION-300	open	Add a service provider option (or condense with option 1) from jmayer	Heather West	2012-10-11	
ACTION-288	open	Update unlinkable with non-normative text from Shane	Heather West	2012-10-10	
ACTION-280	open	Draft updated text on UA requirements; explanatory text made more general; add 'prior to selecting DNT'; add examples; change MUST to SHOULD	Shane Wiley	2012-10-10	ISSUE-172
ACTION-254	open	Draft text on freq. capping that would avoid new definitions and/or remove redundant normative requirement (with nick and amy?)	Shane Wiley	2012-09-19	
ACTION-274	open	Propose non-normative text on service providers to clarify "independent use" (with rvaneijk)	Shane Wiley	2012-10-10	
ACTION-314	open	Draft non-normative examples of how a multi-domain site technically can ask for exceptions	Shane Wiley	2012-10-12	
ACTION-212	open	Draft text on how user agents must obtain consent to turn on a DNT signal	Shane Wiley	2012-09-26	Tracking Definitions and Compliance
ACTION-301	open	Eijk to draft explanation on intermediaries and inserted headers	Rob van Eijk	2012-10-11
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