Re: Proposed Text for Local Law and Public Purpose

On Thursday 25 October 2012 16:29:12 David Wainberg wrote:
> However, the way I read Walter's statements, and, frankly, some 
> statements of others, is that he would use this W3C process to
> apply EU  style privacy regulation across the Internet, including
> in the US.

I think you read more into Walter's statement as there is. And let 
me reassure you that neither I or W3C strive for forcing EU 
regulation to the world. What we do is create _one_ tool that 
fulfills two goals. 

If additionally, we can bridge some of the Atlantic privacy divide 
this makes live easier for all (transborder data flow). So the 
intent is being useful. If there are additional restrictions that 
would apply to the US market, we would openly talk about it and 
decide together. 

So for the EU == Rigo, I apologize that I just happen to voice 
things that Ninja doesn't. I try to add clarity. Note that in P3P I 
shut down the entire phone conference by shouting into it to have 
the Japanese talk. (that will be the next aspect). 

I owe more explanation to Chris on this that will come with separate 


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