Re: Third-Party Web Tracking: Policy and Technology Paper outlining harms of tracking


pessimism won't get us anywhere. Can you precisely point to the 
pessimism expressed at _this_ table or do you rather mean the press 
release skirmish that is ambient to this effort since day one from 
all sides? 

I was previously very pessimistic, but we may get some progress in 
the global considerations discussions (hopefully). 


On Thursday 11 October 2012 20:45:08 Mike Zaneis wrote:
> The EU has laws, a variety of laws I might point out, and I'm sure
> that all companies intend to come into compliance with the laws
> of the states that govern their operations.  The Article 29
> Working Group participant has pointed out that a W3C standard is
> unlikely to assist with EU compliance, so let's not hold that
> goal out as the benchmark for success. 

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