Re: Third-Party Web Tracking: Policy and Technology Paper outlining harms of tracking

On 10/11/12 8:44 PM, Alan Chapell wrote:

> This speaks less to the harm issue, and more towards the benefits of
> requiring the browsers to "give() users complete information" and very
> clearly describe what DNT means. Do you agree?

Apologies for missing this clear and direct question.

I would agree that the paper indeed underlines the need for a)
disclosure of industry practices, both in general and for each
individual user(*) and b) having a credible mechanism for users to have
meaningful control over the data gathered.

I would disagree that this paper does not provide insights to the social
harms of tracking, even if I were to agree that the burden of proof for
harm or a lack thereof is not solely on industry.

(*) it should be noted that under EU law processing of personal data
creates the obligation to honour data subject's requests on both the
data being processed and the algorithms applied. It therefore is
baffling that industry has not disclosed its practices so far.



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