stop the flame wars, now.

The tone of messages from a variety of senders -- both on and off list (to the extent to which CCs and BCCs make it into my inbox) -- continues to be unacceptable.

Please stick to professional conduct.  Do not engage in ad-hominems.  Focus on the substance of what others say.  When you read others' messages, remember to take them with a grain of salt.  When you write messages, remember that for threats and insults, perception can be reality.  

This mailing list is intended for polite on-topic *work*.  It is not the place for Usenet-style flame wars.  If you must, please pursue those elsewhere.

If there are specific cases where you're concerned, please continue to bring them to my attention -- and yes, there's a queue of requests now, sadly.

Thomas Roessler, W3C <> (@roessler)

Received on Thursday, 25 October 2012 22:43:43 UTC