Re: "forced choice" user agent implementation of DNT

As far as I remember, this also reflected what Rob wanted. Rob was 
open to selection at installation though. But in the scenario 
described by Roy, self determination would mean the user making a 
choice on startup, not the admin making that choice at installation. 

I would add a feature request (not a requirement) that it is easy to 
switch from one state to another and also easy to give exceptions 
and to revoke them. 


On Monday 15 October 2012 19:00:30 Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> What we have talked about is a user choice at any time during the
> selection or use of the user agent.  For a general-purpose UA,
> it would be fine to have a dialog presented, with neither "on"
> nor "off" preselected, when the user's profile is created (or
> upon first use after the DNT functionality has been upgraded
> for an existing user profile). That is the natural time for
> such options, since the choice should be recorded in the user's
> own configuration, be applicable to all UAs that share that
> user profile, and not have to be asked again every time the UA
> is upgraded.

Received on Tuesday, 16 October 2012 13:43:09 UTC