Text for market research under issue 25

This text is intended to complete the section on aggregated data which
contained a reference to market research, until the last version issued just
before the f2f meeting in Amsterdam.
We propose that it be included under issue 25
Issue 25 
Aggregated data Short Term Collection and Use for market research
Information may be collected and used for market research and research
analytics, so long as the information is only retained for the time
necessary to complete the research study. This is providing that the raw
information is not transmitted to a third party, the information is not used
to build a commercial profile about individual users or alter any
individual's user experience, and there is no return path to an individual.
A key method for ensuring privacy while collecting and processing large
amounts of data is removing any link to a device identifier. Raw data for
market research may contain for example an IP address or a marker for a
cookie, which may be temporarily retained for sample and quality control as
well as auditing purposes. No individual can be identified in the subsequent
aggregated statistical report.
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