Re: Proposed Text for Local Law and Public Purpose

On 10/24/12 3:48 PM, Chris Mejia wrote:
> Walter, you seem to pass judgement quickly on entities and practices you
> don't fully understand.  What experience do you have with the MRC again?
> Advertising industry experience?  Understanding your background may help
> me (and others) understand your assertions here.

You also seem to be awfully quick to frame people in terms of their
institutional background/perceived interest. Taking their mails at face
value may provide credibility to your assertions of interest in a civil

Case in point: I have never expressed any opinions on how the MRC
guidelines should be interpreted. Only mentioned that a logical
consequence of your interpretation of the MRC might be non-compliance
with the Safe Harbour regime. Which will not be relevant to everyone in
the advertising business, but several entities at this table are Safe
Harbour certified _and_ claim to adhere to the MRC guidelines, so I
think it is a valid question to bring up in this context.

Could you point out where I have been passing judgement on the MRC
and/or their guidelines and/or any interpretation thereof? I'll be the
first to apologise if I have.

Also for the sake of transparency:

I am invited based on my affiliaton to Vrijschrift, a small Dutch
grassroots NGO interested in civil liberties in the digital context. As
part of that I have served on the board of European Digital Rights.

By day I am an IT-lawyer, mostly involved with IT-procurement issues,
and therefore have no direct professional interests in DNT. As part of
that role I am however consulted regularly on Data Protection and Safe
Harbour matters.

Before that I was a programmer/business analyst with Logica, in the
Dutch telecommunications division of that systems integrator.

I have masters degrees from the Rotterdam School of Management and the
Rotterdam School of Law, both part of the Erasmus University.

Does that little cv answer your question?



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