Global Considerations Document lunchtime meeting notes

Informal notes from the Global Considerations Document breakout session
distilling the lunchtime conversation.  Those that attended ­ please add
to/edit this as you see fit.

Project lead:  Rigo Wenning

Project description:
Create a document [Global Considerations Document] outlining regional
regulatory considerations when implementing the DNT technical standard.
This document will be drafted by a sub-group of the TPWG as a WG Note to
the standard reflecting the WG consensus, and consist of non-normative
text describing regional considerations, reflecting best practices around
implementing the technical standard.
Scope:  EU, APEC, and LA & SA (hence the name "globalŠ").

Goal of project:
Create a document that reflects global best practices around how to
implement the DNT standard, if implemented, is recognized by the regulator
(specifically EU DPA's) as being compliant with regional regulatory

Considerations (greatly distilled):
1.  In the US, DNT:1 is the debate around what you can't do.  In the EU,
DNT:0 is the debate around what you can do.  Can the EU law (normative
guidance) inform the tech standard?
2.  UI will have a key role in the creation of the global doc because that
is how the regulator will judge compliance thus serving as the signal of
compliance.  Questions to answer:  presentation to the user and how the
UI's will work. [Yes - we know UI is out of scope of technical
specification but the sub-group feels it will play a key role in the
development of the Global Considerations Document.]
3.  Sub-group will be interpreting law in light of technology.
4.  Need other parts of the value chain:  browsers due to UI
considerations and buy in from DPA's (and other regulators)

Next steps:
1.  If interested in participating ­ email Rigo at  If he
doesn't respond ­ email him again (his words..)
2.  Sub-group [Task force] to explore questions and issues. May have
separate meetings.
3.  Kick off discussion with in person workshop that would include
regulators, and scoping that includes underlying technology issues and UI.


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