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"privacy considerations" for SPARQL protocol sop:datatype uses non-xsd "integer" type.

[ Re: RSS 1.1 usage of parseType="Collection"]

[Fwd: flexible SPARQL reification construct instead of hard-wired SOURCE keyword]

[Fwd: SPARQL: which features now, which features later for RDF Data Access?]


a service description approach to accessingCollections

about OPTIONAL blocks

about the CONSTRUCT productions

accessingCollections: postpone due to lack of design/implementation experience?

ACTION Bijan: to work on "closeOver" work-alike with

ACTION on xsi:type recommendation for variable binding results

ACTION op:dateTime triple [Was: Minutes of DAWG 2005-02-15 telcon for review]

ACTION SteveH: Write up a service description of features supported for his service

ACTION: propose a test based on dawg-triple-pattern-002 with a . in a qname

ACTION: propose an optional test based on ACTION op:dateTime triple

ACTION: review "11 Testing Values"

ACTION: review message 538 tests

agenda+ on XML serialization (was Re: agenda: RDF Data Access 29 Mar (confirmed))

agenda: RDF Data Access 1 Feb

agenda: RDF Data Access 11 Jan

agenda: RDF Data Access 15 Feb

agenda: RDF Data Access 15 Mar

agenda: RDF Data Access 22 Feb

agenda: RDF Data Access 22 Feb (Cambridge teleconference times)

agenda: RDF Data Access 22 Mar

agenda: RDF Data Access 28 Feb-1 Mar in Camridge, MA, USA (in progress)

agenda: RDF Data Access 29 Mar (confirmed)

agenda: RDF Data Access 29 Mar (tentative)

agenda: RDF Data Access 29 Mar (timezone FIX!)

agenda: RDF Data Access 8 Feb

agenda: RDF Data Access meeting 19-20 Jan near Helsinki (running late)

An observation that might be useful...

any SOURCE * query example/test-case?

BaseDecl and PrefixDecl?


binary RDF

BOUND case-sensitivity

BOUND test case

Call for Exclusions for "SPARQL Query Language for RDF"

Call for Exclusions: SPARQL Variable Binding Results XML Format

Can we have interoperability without a formal semantics? (Was RE: Comments list comments)

cancelling 25 Jan telcon (RDF Data Access non-agenda)

Casting a literal to a typed literal?

collection access: inferred property vs. syntax

comment "Named- and background graphs, triples vs quads, trust, etc." on SOURCE, fromUnionQuery

Comments list comments

comments on Protocol doc 14Jan2005

Constraints and options [was: Re: Minor Syntax issues]

construct *

CONSTRUCT * example in 10.2 does not declare "foaf" prefix.

CONSTRUCT / template merging.

Corrected sparqlx schema (sent the wrong one previously)

Data binding resource

Definition of "RDF dataset"

does DAWG actually have time to do WSDL?

Example in 10.4 is not valid per 17Feb05 grammar.

Example in section 11.3 - prefix not declared, fails to use "&" f or function call.

F2F hosting offer for May 2005

Feedback on Editor's Draft.

finding stable OPTIONAL query results [Was: question about combining patterns]

foaf prefix not declared in example from section sop:isB lank

FTF hosting offer for June 2005

ftf4 version of protocol spec

ftf5 attendance/regrets, WG membership standing

ftf5 ServiceDescription notes

Fwd: OWLBase Info

Fwd: proposal to drop DESCRIBE from SPARQL

FYI: XQuery Update Facility Requirements 1st WD 11 Feb 2005

Grammar update

Graph/data model specification

GROUP BY [was: Comments list comments]

how does select/project work with extra variables?

Introduction: Bijan Parsia

Issue on bound() test?

issues poll: please partcipate! [was: more positions?]



Minor format change

Minor Syntax issues

Minutes of 2005-01-11 for review

Minutes of 2005-02-08 Telecon for review

Minutes of 2005-03-08 Telecon for review

Minutes of DAWG 2005-02-15 telcon for review

Minutes of RDF DAWG telecon 2005-02-01 for review

Minutes of RDF DAWG telecon 2005-02-22 for review

MInutes of the 2005-03-22 RDF DAWG teleconference for review

minutes RDF Data Access 15 Mar ... IRC log enough?

minutes RDF Data Access 29 Mar for review

Minutes RDF DAWG telecon 2005-03-15 for review

minutes: RDF Data Access 19-20 Jan 2005 near Helsinki (in progress; fun with actions)

minutes: RDF Data Access 19-20 Jan 2005 near Helsinki (please review)

modulo operator dropped from editor's draft?

more positions on issues?

N most-recent news items, a use case motivating a SORT requir ement

N most-recent news items, a use case motivating a SORT requirement

nested SOURCE graph-patterns

non-agenda: no meeting this week

notes from abstract protocol/WSDL ftf5 session

Observations (named graphs, blank node closures)

Observations (named graphs, blank node closurs)

on log:definitiveService

on Reification Semantics

OPTIONALs and constraints

Optionals and execution order

Please add RDF term checking operators to sparql

please registere for the Tech Plenary

pls consider comments on disjunction

pls don't refer to DAWG in sparql abstract

pls share hotel/flight updates

preparing for protocol discussion

preparing for protocol...

presentation about DAWG

privacy hook [was: agenda...]

Problems with WITH and FROM

protocol doc changed...

protocol draft updated

protocol update delayed

publication appointment

question about combining patterns

RDF Data Access 8 Mar: agenda

RDF Data Access 8 Mar: agenda (in progress)

RDF Data Access ftf5-bos minutes in progress: actions

RDF Data Access ftf5-bos minutes: please review

rdql and n3 graphPatterns

references, acknowledgements


regrets (was Re: RDF Data Access 8 Mar: agenda (in progress))

Regrets for 29th March

regrets for 8march telcon

Regrets for dawg telcon 2005-04-29

Regrets for tomorrow

release of Use Cases/Requirements delayed

Report on SPARQL Grammar implementation experience using ANTL R.

Report on SPARQL Grammar implementation experience using ANTLR.

Resignation from DAWG

Review of RQ23 section 11, Testing Values

Review of Sort Design

Revised souce-named/untrusted-graph*.rq tests

rq23 update with latest syntax

scribe for tomorrow, please?

scribe for tomorrow?

scribe volunteer for 29 Mar, please?

SELECT to involve expressions [was: Comments list comments]

solution/variable bindings (was Re: pls consider comments on disjunction)

Some more tests

Some protocol & service description issues

some thoughts about current SOURCE/GRAPH design

SOURCE : handling a graph read in twice at different times

sparlx.rnc in CVS

SPARQL Abstract Syntax


SPARQL Protocol for RDF / feedback (fwd)

sparql puncutation [was: agenda: RDF Data Access 8 Feb]

SPARQL syntax proposals

SPARQL v1.264 typos and a few comments

sparql-protocol.wsdl updated

SPARQL-Q published

sparqlParam: an approach to QL selection/migration


Streaming version of CONSTRUCT

Successive Bindings, cascaded queries in Algae2

Syntax error in example from Section 8.3 of 17 Feb 05 Working Dra ft?

Testcase HTML building output

Tests dawg-opt-query-001 dawg-opt-query-002 and dawg-opt-query-003

Tests for expressions : boolean effective values

Tests updated, new syntax and str() with ~= tests

UC&R updated

UC&R updated (WD candidate)

UNSAID - two test cases (dawg:unbound, issues#useMentionOp)

Update on ORDERing solutions

Updated rasqal SPARQL demo

Use Cases and Requirements released [was: delayed]

Use cases for XML serialization

Value testing: implementing str()

Values: general testing

variables as nodes? (re: XML Binding Format)

Warnings in SPARQL variable bindings results

what about RDF format?

why is where keyword optional?

Working Draft feedback items

Wrong prefix in example in Section 9.3?

WSDL2.0 for SPARQL Protocol

XML Schema Datatypes and the Semantic Web

XML serialization of SPARQL

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