agenda: RDF Data Access 22 Mar

1. Convene, take roll, review records and agenda
   2005-03-22T14:30Z **
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scribe: JanneS

 Minutes RDF DAWG telecon 2005-03-15 for review

next meeting: 2005-03-29. scribe volunteer?

comments on agenda?
 sorry it's late by ~5 hrs

1. issue: sort

ACTION KendallC: add a sort objective 1.145

ACTION DanC: add SORT issue 1.61

ACTION AndyS: propose a SORT design
 1.263 of 2005/03/21 17:01:20

Update on ORDERing solutions Seaborne, Andy (Friday, 18 March)

Is this design maturing rapidly? persue it or pull the plug and

2. optional test for with background inference

ACTION JosD: Jos to propose an optional test based on ACTION op:dateTime

Not sure it's quite clear enough to me...

3. Test suite maintenance

ACTION: propose a test based on dawg-triple-pattern-002 with a . in a

PROPOSE: to adopt that test.

ACTION EricP: to pair with SteveH on making the HTML test results page

ACTION SteveH: to to revise test manifest w.r.t. "background" and named graphs

ACTION DaveB: to to propose source test to approve

ACTION AndyS: to add the above graph test cases (analagous to valueTesting test cases)

4. SPARQL VBR edits

ACTION DaveB: to consider use of xsi:dataType ala comment from Steer

5. SPARQL QL edits

ACTION AndyS: to clarify 5.4 w/r/t closed world assumption

ACTION AndyS: to explain how to get a whole graph with CONSTRUCT * and GRAPH.

ACTION EricP: to propose to close valueTesting (bonus points for test cases, to EricP or others)

6. protocol edits, WSDL

ACTION Bijan: to propose text (story? etc.) to support WSDL requirement

ACTION EricP: to review WSDL text proposal

ACTION EricP: propose "privacy considerations" for SPARQL protocol

** timezone and admin info
 I'll try to include this as we approach summer time...

  tel:+1.617.761.6200 code:7333
  supplementary IRC chat:irc://

      [      tlt:localTime  (
            "Tue 3:30 PM"  ),
            "Tue 8:30 AM"  ),

            "Tue 8:30 AM"  ),
            "Tue 2:30 PM"  ),
            "New York"
            "Tue 9:30 AM"  ),
            "Tue 3:30 PM"  ),
            "Tue 11:30 PM"  ),
            "Tue 6:30 AM"  );
             cal:dtstart  [
                 cal:dateTime "2005-03-22T14:30Z" ] ].

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