RDF Data Access ftf5-bos minutes in progress: actions

I did some work on the meeting record... enough to be pretty sure
that all Bijan's actions are clear enough, since he said he might
have some time to work on them this week...

  $Revision: 1.39 $ of $Date: 2005/03/04 00:26:52 $

    1. Convene, take roll, review records and agenda
           * ACTION DaveB: to consider use of xsi:dataType ala comment 
from Steer
    2. issue: nestedOptionals
           * ACTION AndyS: to clarify 5.4 w/r/t closed world assumption
    3. f2f6 proposals
    4. test suite maintenance
           * ACTION SteveH: to to revise test manifest w.r.t. 
"background" and named graphs
           * ACTION DaveB: to to propose source test to approve
           * ACTION JosD: Jos to propose an optional test based on 
ACTION op:dateTime triple
           * ACTION SteveH: to to propose tests for str() and =~
           * ACTION EricP: to pair with SteveH on making the HTML test 
results page
    5. issue: valueTesting
           * ACTION JosD: to review value testing section
           * ACTION Andy: to add the above graph test cases
           * ACTION EricP: to propose to close valueTesting (bonus 
points for test cases, to EricP or others)
    6. XSCH review
    7. issue: punctuationSyntax (turtle, N3, ...)
           * ACTION EricP: to propose results of N3 syntax discussion to 
    8. introductions
    9. issue: nestedOptionals closed
   10. Service Descriptions
           * ACTION KendallC: discuss warnings in the protocol spec.
           * ACTION Bijan: to propose text (story? etc.) to support WSDL 
           * ACTION EricP: to review WSDL text proposal
           * ACTION AndyS: to explain how to get a whole graph with 
           * ACTION KendallC: to refer to "get the whole graph" 
explanation from protocol spec
           * ACTION KendallC: to add WSDL description of protocol to 
editor's draft, propose to WG:
   11. issue: fromUnionQuery
   12. issue: protocolRootReferent closed
   13. Service Descriptions
           * ACTION Kendall: to incorporate service description 
discussion notes in protocol spec
           * ACTION Bijan: to work on "closeOver" work-alike with SteveH
   14. Plan for last call
           * ACTION KendallC: to add "since we're using WSDL, you can 
use WS-Policy..." to protocol draft
           * ACTION DanC: to consider adding 'privacy/security' issue, 
even if we're most likely to just postpone it or mention it in passing 
in specs
   15. Protocol testing
   16. update/insert/manage
   17. WSDL mapping input

Dan Connolly, W3C http://www.w3.org/People/Connolly/

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