Re: presentation about DAWG

On Wed, 2005-01-12 at 01:14 +0900, Hiroyuki Sato wrote:
> I am asked to have a presentation about DAWG at INTAP Semantic Web conference
> 2005.


> The conference will be held in Tokyo, Japan on February 10.
> More than 10 Japanese organizations using the Semantic Web will also have
> presentations and demonstrations.
> This is a local event (not international conference), but at the last conference
> Daniel Weitzner and Eric Miller gave their presentations through an interpreter
> and about 200 people participated.
> I have 25 minutes, so I would like to introduce overview and objective of DAWG,
> how an RDF query language could be used, interesting specifications of SPARQL,
> and so on.
> Dan, if you have any suggestion for my presentation, please give me at F2F4.


> I will also ask Yoshio to check presentation material in advance because it will
> be prepared in Japanese.
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