Re: SPARQL v1.264 typos and a few comments


Thank you for the corrections - changes have been made based on this input in 

Except the difference in US and UK spelling :-)

Kevin Wilkinson wrote:
> eric, andy,
>    i made another pass on the sparql spec. my questions
> and changes are embedded in the text (see attached).
> kevin

> Result sets can be accessed by the local API but also can be serialized 
> into either XML or an RDF graph. (Comment: Is this an option in the 
> query statement or a programmatic option only? if in the statement, give 
> an example.) The XML result set 
> <> form gives:

The output serialization (XML, RDF/XML, RDF/N3) is not specified in the query. 
It comes from either the protocol through content negotiation or from the local 
API.  It's not in the query statement itself.


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