Re: CONSTRUCT * example in 10.2 does not declare "foaf" prefix.

Thompson, Bryan B. wrote:
> Hello,
> The CONSTRUCT * example in section 10.2 does not declare the "foaf"
> prefix.
> CONSTRUCT * WHERE ( ?x foaf:name ?name )
> -bryan


Also fixed by removal - the section on "CONSTRUCT *" has been removed because 
the definition doesn't work in the presence of GRAPH in the query.  The idea was 
to return that subgraph that would give the same answers but with GRAPH the 
query is over an RDF dataset, not a single graph.  The only alternative I can 
think of at this late stage would be to allow "CONSTRUCT *" only if no GRAPH 
keyword appears in the query.

and example 4:

CONSTRUCT { ?s ?p ?o } WHERE
    GRAPH ?g { ?s ?p ?o }
    { ?g dc:publisher <> }
    { ?g dc:date ?date }
    FILTER app:myDate(?date) > "2005-02-28T00:00:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime

 Thanks again,

Received on Tuesday, 15 March 2005 16:10:16 UTC