agenda: RDF Data Access 29 Mar (tentative)

1. Convene, take roll, review records and agenda
  2005-03-29T14:30Z **local timezone info below

  tel:+1.617.761.6200 code:7333
  supplementary IRC chat:irc://
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scribe: ??
regrets: DaveB

 record for review:
MInutes of the 2005-03-22 RDF DAWG teleconference for review
ammendment: show these two done:
 ACTION Bijan: to propose text (story? etc.) to support WSDL requirement
 ACTION EricP: to review WSDL text proposal
and this one open:
 ACTION KendallC: to add WSDL description of protocol to editor's draft,
propose to WG.

continue the following without discussion:
ACTION DanC: follow up re optional test based on op:dateTime triple
ACTION EricP: to pair with SteveH on making the HTML test results page 
ACTION SteveH: to to revise test manifest w.r.t. "background" and named 
ACTION DaveB: to to propose source test to approve
ACTION AndyS: to add the above graph test cases (analagous to 
valueTesting test cases) (don't expect quick delivery)
ACTION SteveH: prepare test cases for publication as WG Note (no 

next meeting: 5 Apr. scribe volunteer?

comments on agenda?
 Due to the Easter holiday tomorrow and Monday, I'm drafting
 this tentative agenda early. I intend to either confirm or revise
 it 24hrs before the telcon.

2. Use Cases and Requirements publication

ACTION Kendall: To rewrite 2.18: change the title, don't motivate 
"update", spell "WSDL" correctly. :>
done: 1.149

ACTION KC, AFS, EP: publish usecases 1.148 + revision to 2.18 by KC, 
reviewed by AFS, plus editorial fixups by KC, ok'd by EricP

3. issue: sort

ACTION Kevin: review sort design at earliest convenience

 perhaps that's a proposal about how to close the issue?

ACTION PatH: review sort design in 2 weeks

4. issue: valueTesting

ACTION EricP: to propose to close valueTesting (bonus points for test cases, to EricP or others)

5. SPARQL QL LC Candidate

ACTION AndyS: to clarify 5.4 w/r/t closed world assumption
 (done, I think)

ACTION AndyS: to explain how to get a whole graph with CONSTRUCT * and GRAPH.

ACTION DaveB: consider dots in qnames, report on impact on turtle
 (I see some progress in public-rdf-dawg-comments)
 $Revision: 1.270 $ of $Date: 2005/03/24 15:33:19 $

<AndyS> Quick status report on rq23:
<AndyS> The current draft is, for my sections, adequate for WG review
about issues.
<AndyS> It is not finished - there are several ToDo items left
<AndyS> The discussions on the comments list have been very useful but
added a delay (work
<AndyS> that woudl have to be done anyway)
<AndyS> Not sure what the quality threshold shoudl be for a WG LC

6. privacy section for protocol spec

ACTION EricP: propose "privacy considerations" for SPARQL protocol

not much response... everybody agrees?

7. issue: wsdlAbstractProtocol, fromUnionQuery

ACTION KendallC: to add WSDL description of protocol to editor's draft,
propose to WG.

sparql-protocol.wsdl updated Kendall Clark (Monday, 21 March)

perhaps it addresses fromUnionQuery?

8. issue: xmlAbstractSyntax

Note new issue, progress, discuss expectations, recruit owner?

9. issue: serviceDescription

Note formalized (not really new) issue. Discuss expectations.

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Dan Connolly, W3C
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