An observation that might be useful...

I mentioned this on #sws-ig and some thought it useful as a data point
for this list:

As some here who know me will remember, I was recently sucked into the
supply chain management business where I'm helping EPCglobal with
various standards. That industry has a deep need for semantics and I'm
trying to do that by developing systems for them that use SW concepts
without disturbing them to much. They are a very risk averse industry
and won't try anything remotely new unless someone else has. Because of
that they consider anything beyond their current AS2 standard as a Web
Service. If they pigeon-hole you into that category then they mandate
WS-I Basic Profile compliance. That means if it isn't SOAP then you're
not even allowed to start the conversation.

I know its silly and creates complexity when it isn't needed. But that's
the reality I deal with from a pure cost of doing business standpoint.
So, to sneak SPARQL in under the radar, I need a Basic Profile binding
sooner rather than later. Which means that I need a WSDL description and
a SOAP binding.

Just a data point....


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