Re: preparing for protocol discussion

On Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 04:56:17PM -0600, Dan Connolly wrote:
> Re "SPARQL Protocol for RDF editor's drft @@to be provided by Wed, 23
> Feb"
>  --
> Kendall called me to let me know that continued illness etc.
> messed up plans to have a new draft for review yesterday.

My apologies for this to all involved. I've had less time to work on
DAWG stuff since Helsinki, and the time that I have had hasn't been
especially productive.

> But in any case... if you have protocol thoughts and
> have been waiting for a new draft before sharing them,
> please don't wait any longer.

Yes, please. About several issues I feel that there's been no clear
group consensus and I'm not entirely sure what the Right Thing to do
is. That has led to a bit of paralysis on my part, alas.

But, again, my apologies if I've wasted anyone's time.

Kendall Clark

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