Tests updated, new syntax and str() with ~= tests

Andy kindly ran his processor over all the queries and converted them to
the new syntax (except the allready approved ones).

I manually converted the approved ones and removed the approved property
from them, so we can re-vote on them. They are:


the dawg-triple-pattern-* ones are duplicated in thier original form as
data/simple2/*, but I'l remove that once we've voted on the new tests.

I've also added some tests for regex support (including the resource with
and without str() cases from my action). I've not run them. The tests are
labelled regex-query-001 - 004.

I think this completes two actions:
ACTION SteveH: to update the tests to reflect the new syntax
ACTION SteveH: to to propose tests for str() and =~

I'm thinking of breaking the main tests page down into on subpage for each
manifest, its getting rather long to be managable, so shout if this is
going to inconvenience anyone.

- Steve

Received on Friday, 11 March 2005 14:26:58 UTC