Re: ACTION SteveH: Write up a service description of features supported for his service

On Tue, Feb 15, 2005 at 10:24:58AM -0500, Kendall Clark wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 03:00:43PM +0000, Steve Harris wrote:
> > 
> > <>
> >         rdf:type dawg:HTTPQueryService ;
> >         dawg:closedOver <> ;
> >         dawg:supportsDataType xsd:integer, xsd:float ;
> >         dawg:querySyntax <> ;
> >         dawg:resultFormat <> ;
> >         dawg:usesOntology akt:support, akt:portal, akt:rdfcompat, akt:inca,
> >                 <>,
> >                 <> .
> So these will end up in the protocol document in some similar form;
> but I'll need to describe the meanings of these predicates, and as I
> just pointed out on the phone call, I don't really understand
> dawg:usesOntology... Do you mean that the query service "understands"
> (in some vague way) some or all of the terms from these vocabularies?
> Or something else?

No, just that it contains some data that uses terms from that ontology. I
didn't mean it to imply that the sevice could reliably DESCRIBE instances
in those ontologies, for example.

It if will help, here are the sort of names I rejected:

containsOntology (confusing, might not be true)
containsDataDefinedInOntology (unwieldy)
usesTermsFromOntology ("")
containsDataDefinedBy ("", but actually not too bad)
usesSchema (might anoy non-RDFS people)

In the end I settled for usesOntology, and decided not to care too much. I
dont like encouraging people to read too much into property names anyway.
> > I attended a workshop on linking semnatic websites on Monday, and briefly
> > described the DAWG work, including the possibility of a description such
> > as this, and the idea was warmly received.
> I heard similiar good reports from this workshop, too. Basically,
> "we're going to use SPARQL query and protocol".

Yup. I was pleasantly supprised.

- Steve

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