Introduction: Bijan Parsia

Hi ho,

I'm joining the working group as the Mindswap alternative.

Most of  you I know and know me. I'm also on the WSDL working group and 
have done a lot with Web Services and Semantic Web Services. I've also 
done a fair bit on conjunctive query for expressive description logics, 
and mixed schema/data (i.e., tbox/abox) queries over OWL DL kbs. In 
fact, to my knowledge, what we've done in that area is the current 
state of the known possible. This work is being funneled into possibly 
commercial products by Fujistu.

I'm also interested in update and revision, especially as the KBs get 
expressive. I would like to see SPARQL used in planning systems over 
web services.

For the short term, I intend to function primarily as a connection to 
the Web Services world (well, rather as an interpreter thereof), 
focusing on making SPARQL fit smoothly with both Vanilla and Semantic 
Web Services current practice and thinking.

I'll be in and out of the face to face (I'm already registered as an 
observer). I have some issues that I'll try to raise sooner rather than 


Received on Saturday, 26 February 2005 18:07:16 UTC