agenda: RDF Data Access 1 Feb

1. Convene, take roll, review records and agenda

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  supplementary IRC chat:irc://
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scribe: Alberto Reggiori

previous meeting records, in progress:
 (I don't propose to adopt, yet)

next meeting: Tuesday, February 8, 2005
 scribe volunteer please?

continue the following without discussion:
  - ACTION DanC: to (with EricP) communicate WBS user experience to 
systems team.

comments on agenda? (it's long; stuff at the end is at risk)

2. ftf meetings 
  - ACTION AlbertoR: to propose a f2f meeting in Leiden

3. valueTesting, XML Schema datatypes

XML Schema Datatypes and the Semantic Web Jeremy Carroll (Monday, 31

a couple reviewers, please?

4. accessing collections
  - ACTION DanC: to propose to postpone

  accessingCollections: postpone due to lack of design/implementation experience? 
  Dan Connolly (Monday, 31 January)

5. XML Result set 
  - ACTION DaveB: discuss options for column ordering and pick one
  - ACTION DaveB: to post announcement about XML result set on
appropriate mailing lists
  - ACTION DanC: ask Liam, via SemWeb CG, which XML groups might be
interested in SPARQL result set WD

6. test update
  - ACTION SteveH: to propose tests for str() and =~
  - ACTION DaveB: to draft tests for BOUND (based on ericp's examples)
  - ACTION SteveH: to revise test manifest w.r.t. "background" and named
  - ACTION DaveB: to propose source test to approve
  - ACTION AndyS: to propose test case re optionals and ordering

7. SPARQL Protocol Spec
  - ACTION KendallC: Announce the protocol spec
  - ACTION EricP: to inviestigate WSDL/SOAP encodings of SPARQL protocol
  - ACTION KendallC: to propose a solution to protocolRootReferent
  - ACTION DanC: write up "sparqlParam" approach
  - ACTION SteveH: Write up a service description of features supported
for his service
  - ACTION KendallC: Add section for service descriptions and put graph
specifying in it to start it off
  - ACTION DanC: Write up definitive service concept
  - ACTION KendallC: to think about predicate to relate html-forms and
svc descriptions, and how this goes into the spec

8. SPARQL QL (rq23) update
  - ACTION EricP: to update rq23 w.r.t. str()
  - ACTION EricP: to update rq23 w.r.t. BOUND/UNSAID
  - ACTION AndyS: to revise "unnamed" terminology

Dan Connolly, W3C
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