about the CONSTRUCT productions

hi all,

while looking at the current editor's draft about CONSTRUCT


it seems the production allows to have "blocks" by using braces, in 
addition to simple sequences of triple-patterns:

[13]   ConstructPattern   ::=   ConstructElement+
[14]   ConstructElement   ::=   TriplePattern | '{' ConstructPattern '}'

while I added simple TriplePattern and '{' ConstructPattern '}' blocks 
to our CONSTRUCT DAWG testbed, I am not so convinced we need blocks at 
that level - which might unnecessarily complicate the whole parsing and 

Is there any particular reason to have the '{' ConstructPattern '}' 
block syntax, a part being more homogenous with the rest of the 
grammar? (perhaps if we would have bNodes _:foo scoped to the block it 
might make some sense)

Why not simplify ConstructPattern to:

[13]   ConstructPattern   ::=   TriplePattern+


Any explanation is appreciated



Alberto Reggiori, Senior Partner, R&D @Semantics S.R.L.
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Received on Monday, 24 January 2005 15:17:58 UTC