more positions on issues?

I'm way behind on this issues poll; in Tuesday's
telcon I said I'd have it done by Wednesday.

I have only just now updated the issues list
with as many positions on issues as I can find...
 $Id: issues.html,v 1.36 2005/01/14 14:49:02 connolly Exp $

If there's a position on an issue that you're
aware of that's not on that list, please mail
the WG about it. Whether you do so in reply
to this message or not, PLEASE include the
name of the issue in the subject header field.

I have the list of issues and the related
positions transformed to RDF, and now
I'm starting to propagate them into WBS.

Wish me luck.

(It probably would have been faster to do
the WBS form by hand... for somebody... not
for me... I simply cannot bear to do things
by hand that I know the computer could do for me.)

Dan Connolly, W3C
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Received on Friday, 14 January 2005 17:41:55 UTC