Re: protocol doc changed...

On Tue, Mar 15, 2005 at 01:21:38PM +0000, Seaborne, Andy wrote:

> > - linked to (eventually normative appendixed) WSDL 2.0 instance
> I'm getting 403 from 
> which is linked in section 2.

Yeah, this sucks. I don't know how to fix the permissions. Hoping
someone just makes it work soon. :>

> > - added interface for "graph maintenance" operations: dropGraph & 
> > makeGraph
> "maintenance" suggests to me a data management function (maintenance of the 
> server and the deployment), not an client application function ability.

Is this an objection to the name primarily? I'm not wedded to the
name. Making new remote graphs and deleting existing ones (or, in the
weaker sense, 'marking' them as no longer able to participate in the
"RDF dataset") seems like "graph maintenance", but I can drop that
term if it confuses.


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