Re: Use cases for XML serialization

On Mar 22, 2005, at 1:07 PM, Howard Katz wrote:

> Thanks Bijan,

No problem.

> Yes, that was me. What I was actually saying (JANNE: I didn't see this 
> get
> into the IRC record; would you mind amending it?) was that I'd like to 
> see a
> formal addition to the Use Cases document if we're going to consider 
> this.

Ok. Is it that you don't think it's sufficiently motivated by the WSDL 
requirement, or is it that you prefer to have it called out separately 
in any case? (I'm fine with either, fwiw :))

> My understanding (please anybody, correct me if I'm wrong) was that 
> anything
> considered sufficiently important to become part of the official
> specification needs to be motivated by a formal use case first. Is 
> that not
> so?

I have no idea ;) Since I think it's very overdetermined, I have a 
little trouble getting some distance.

But if there needs to be text, I would take an action to try to massage 
the above or the like into such text. Or maybe kendall would take it 
from there if I got him some donuts :)


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