Re: any SOURCE * query example/test-case?

Alberto Reggiori wrote:
> Can anybody provide (or think of) an example query/test-case using 
> SOURCE * (first part of production 6 - special case where ?src matched 
> any source I guess) which fits the current design document?
> I could not find any in the current doc and/or in the test-repository...
> thanks
> Alberto

I can add an example to rq23/ although I don't want to have to make an example 
out of every way of doing things.

"SOURCE *" is a shorthand for "SOURCE ?s" where ?s is a var not used anywhere 
else (and hence not in the result form either).

SELECT ?name ?fname
    SOURCE *
    { (?x foaf:nick ?nick)
      (?x foaf:name ?name)

gets all the names and IRC nicks over all the named graphs.  The app is not 
interested in the origin for this query.

Putting inside a SOURCE means that there isn't any paths across graphs.  If (for 
whatever reason) person resource had URIs, then the above limits it to name/nick 
from the same graph.


Received on Wednesday, 26 January 2005 14:12:13 UTC