Re: agenda: RDF Data Access 29 Mar (confirmed)


>> 6. privacy section for protocol spec
>> ACTION EricP: propose "privacy considerations" for SPARQL protocol
>> not much response... everybody agrees?
> I think it's pretty good and intend it to go into the protocol draft
> ASAP. I've been concentrating on getting the WSDL right, then moving
> to draft prose around it.

I'd like to further put a room (place holder) in the protocol for
the server to add (original)  privacy/security related information 
in its reply.

For the flexibility, I propose to add just a room where a server can 
put any (additional) information to the client. The detailed syntax
and semantics of the data put there should be left to server's design.

I thought I had sent a message saying this to the mailing list,
but I can't find any... gee.


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