Re: notes from abstract protocol/WSDL ftf5 session

A quick follow up on WSDL issues.

The desired construct:
	 <output element='xr:sparql rdf:RDF@@'/> <!-- where do turtle/n3 fit? 
@@ -->

Will not work if sparql is specified in schema and rdf:RDF in relax, at 
least, not without a defined extension from DAWG. Unions across type 
systems is not defined in WSDL (at the moment).

We could define both in Relax, but Relax would require an extension 
too. Plus, I might well object. WSDL is *very* Schema oriented.

Right now, as far as I can tell, there is no specification of the 
concrete format of graph outputs. If someone could point me to such 
text I would be grateful. There are issues about using RDF/XML (e.g., 
that it cannot serialize all graphs, thus cannot serialize all graph 
encoded results) which will have to be addressed  (is it an error?).


Received on Monday, 7 March 2005 16:00:57 UTC