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RDF Data Access Use Cases and Requirements
W3C Working Draft 25 March 2005
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        Kendall Grant Clark, University of Maryland Information and
        Network Dynamics Laboratory

Copyright  2004, 2005 W3C ( MIT, ERCIM, Keio), All Rights Reserved.
W3C liability, trademark, and document use rules apply.

This document specifies use cases, requirements, and objectives for an
RDF query language and data access protocol. It suggests how an RDF
query language and data access protocol could be used in the
construction of novel, useful Semantic Web applications in areas like
web publishing, personal information management, transportation, and

Status of This Document
Since the October 2004 draft of this document, the RDF Data Access
Working Group has

      * adopted a WSDL requirement and a sorting objective (see change
        log for details)
      * postponed some design issues to a future version due to lack of
        implementation and design experience (cascadedQueries,
      * changed our approach to the Human-friendly Syntax objective (see
        issue punctuationSyntax and upcoming design document revisions) 

We invite feedback on which features are required for a first version of
SPARQL and which should be postponed in order to expedite deployment of
others. Please send comments to, a
mailing list with a public archive.

This document has been produced by the RDF Data Access Working Group,
along with three design documents: SPARQL Query Language for RDF, SPARQL
Protocol for RDF, and SPARQL Variable Binding Results XML Format. This
work is part of the Semantic Web Activity in the W3C Technology &
Society Domain.

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