Re: Minor Syntax issues

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>>>6/ Clause order
>>>The current order is:
>>>which is a mixed style.  It would make sense to have WITH and FROM before 
>>>SELECT (declarations first) and have LIMIT before WHERE (modifier to 
>>>SELECT).  It has confused some RDQL users that FROM comes after SELECT.
>>>From before SELECT seems fine, its the other way round in SQL, but the SQL
>>FROM is very different. OTOH I prefer LIMIT at the end, as its parallel
>>with SQL is direct.
>>Incidentally, I dont think of LIMIT as modifying SELECT, I think of it as
>>modyfying the result set.
> I think the same is true in SQL. LIMIT and GROUPing aren't in
> relational calculus. I bet SQL defines a solution as the result of
> LIMITing/GROUPing/COUNTing performed after the relational part is
> done. Anyone know where I can get a copy of, say, the SQL 92 spec?

SPARQL is different :-) because of the various result forms.   SELECT implies a 
result set but the others don't really.

Does LIMIT only apply to SELECT or to the others as well?  I'd thought it only 
made sense when resutl form was SELECT (the streaming case).


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