Re: XML serialization of SPARQL

On Wed, Mar 16, 2005 at 11:25:44AM -0800, Howard Katz wrote:

> Kendall, if you're identifying yourself as a member of that community, are
> you saying that you're a potential user of such a XML-based sytnax? Can you
> give me a few pithy sentences why it would be useful to you?

Howard, you know how *pithy* I can be! :>

Actually, I was identifying myself as an XML user and, for lack of a
better term, care-er -- i.e., someone who cared about the XML
serialization because I wanted it to be done well and be attractive to

My actual use cases are much as Bijan outlined earlier: helping SPARQL
play well with Web Services will be a big win, IMO, for Semantic Web
adoption in new, relatively well-funded areas (i.e., corporate IT).


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