Re: accessingCollections: postpone due to lack of design/implementation experience?


Nice example!  I couldn't be sure whether the property o:item relates a list
to its members or it relates an item to the intersection or union.

If it's the approach of an inferred triple, like rdfs:member except for
collections, relating list to member:

For ("x" "y")

_:b1      rdf:rest  _:b2 .
_:b1      rdf:first  "x" .

_:b2      rdf:rest  () .
_:b2      rdf:first  "y" .

isn't "y" is a member of two lists? the one starting a _:b1 and the one
starting at _:b2 because a tail of a list is itself a list.  Your example would 
work, I think, because it looses the duplicate solution sublist as ?L is the 
head of the whole list but other queries ("find all the lists and their 
members") will create unhelful solutions if o:item runs object to subject as 
well subject to object.

This approach doesn't geneate a requirement on SPARQL as far as I can see 
although nice syntax would be nice.  Do you think it has an impact on the query 

If the former definition of o:item, relating intersection or union to its
members, then it is in the style of using additional information, over and
above that of the collection itself.  Again, I don't think it impacts the
SPARQL design other than possible syntax.  Do you see a requirement of SPARQL?

	Andy wrote:
> wait a minute..
> here's a test case I was actually working on (and which is running right 
> now)
> given 
> [ :operator     :RXPelvisOfHipInjury;
>   :precondition [ owl:intersectionOf ( :ConfirmNonPregnancy 
> :PhysicalExamOfHipInjury ) ];
>   :action       [ owl:intersectionOf ( :CADMeasurement :Diagnosis ) ];
>   :effect       [ owl:unionOf ( :InsertHipBolt :ReplaceHip 
> :RevalidationOfHipContusion ) ] ].
> then I would really like to see the query equivalent with
> [] q:select {?X :andStep ?Y};
>    q:where  {?S :operator ?X; :effect ?A. ?A owl:intersectionOf ?L. ?L 
> o:item ?Y}.
> [] q:select {?X :orStep ?Y};
>    q:where  {?S :operator ?X; :effect ?A. ?A owl:unionOf ?L. ?L o:item 
> ?Y}.
> returning
> :RXPelvisOfHipInjury :orStep :InsertHipBolt. 
> :RXPelvisOfHipInjury :orStep :ReplaceHip. 
> :RXPelvisOfHipInjury :orStep :RevalidationOfHipContusion. 

Dan Connolly wrote:
> While the lack of support for accessing collections has been
> noted in various places, we didn't identify it as a requirement
> (or even an objective) in .
> If anybody now thinks it's a v1 requirement, speak now or
> forever hold your peace.
> It's also in order to share design ideas.
> But assuming no lightbulbs go off in such a way as to
> gain consensus, due to lack of design/implementation experience
> I propose we postpone this issue.

Received on Tuesday, 1 February 2005 09:26:45 UTC