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Just one observation at this moment (I really have to study XPath
more in depth before I can make a reasonable review..) is that I
have implementation experience that following triples are the case

"10.1"^^xsd:decimal math:greaterThan "8.4"^^xsd:decimal.
"P1Y2M"^^xsd:duration math:notGreaterThan "P14MT10H"^^xsd:duration.
"01:41:00+01:00"^^xsd:time math:lessThan "05:41:00Z"^^xsd:time.
"1956-01-10"^^xsd:date math:notLessThan "1956-01-10"^^xsd:date.

and that one can query such math: and string: and so on [1]
triples like any other triples..

Jos De Roo, AGFA


Received on Monday, 14 February 2005 23:25:36 UTC