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"downplayed errors"

"Where's the Beef?" department (was RE: Example canvas element use - accessibility concerns)

(no subject)

@rel syntax in RDFa (relevant to ISSUE-60 discussion), was: Using XMLNS in link/@rel

[Bug 6515] New: the body element event handler attributes and missing Window object

[Bug 6516] New: obsolete attributes on HTMLDocument assume there is a body element

[Bug 6529] New: value DOM attribute for input element in File Upload state

[Bug 6536] New: Time element examples should be in the context of a goal-oriented microformat use case

[Bug 6543] New: Mint a new element for figure captions

[Bug 6544] New: Allow width=0 on <img> and <iframe>

[Bug 6546] New: List event handler attributes for certain elements

[Bug 6556] New: When parsing legacy color returns an error

[Bug 6562] New: Define parsing quirks

[Bug 6563] New: Specify if innerHTML setting should use the quirkiness of the document

[Bug 6585] New: Rendering: <marquee bgcolor>

[Bug 6586] New: Zero margin quirk not quite right

[Bug 6590] New: character encoding mapping needs to be used for form submission too

[Bug 6606] New: generic 3rd-party <mark>, Smart Tags, and Activities prevention

[Bug 6607] New: wrapping text to limit line length without a table

[Bug 6608] New: please undeprecate <center> for older browsers

[Bug 6609] New: negative keywords-not meta tags

[Bug 6610] New: add a preventable forced-fragment method

[Bug 6613] New: Allow <meta charset="UTF-8"/> in XHTML

[Bug 6614] New: Restricting multiple character encoding declarations per document

[Bug 6618] New: </body> and </html> early on handled in a Gecko/WebKit/Presto-inconsisten way

[Bug 6628] New: WebSocket.URL and EventSource.URL should return the absolute URL

[Bug 6630] New: Optionalness of start tags when element is empty

[Bug 6637] New: Put boolean and enumerated attributes next to each other

[html-author] Updates to the HTML Reference

[html5] proposal to add <text> element.

[Re: TR/web-forms-2 -> TR/html5]

[whatwg] The <iframe> element and sandboxing ideas

a11y : cell headers order has to be consistent and ordered (was: revised table headers design is OK, right?)

Action-83: 16x16 IE icon

alt / no alt / etc Re: "downplayed errors"

announce list [was: Re: publication decision [was: details on report of PFWG HTML5 actions & issues status]]

another example canvas use- cufon - another accessibility concern and spec contradiction

Assessing interest in meeting during the November W3C Tech Plenary/AC Meetings Week (poll coming)

bufferingThrottled and bufferingRate

Caption and summary survey

Caption@title instead of table@summary?

Change to AAA

Character Set Alias Matching

Charter (was: Re: Discussions with plh)

cloneNode() and script execution

Comparing conformance requirements against real-world docs

Conditional branch in tree builder based on DOM state

Decision Policy [was: Intended Audience]

Default (informal) Style Sheet

Design principles - building from justification

designMode and scripts (designModeScriptBlocked)

details on report of PFWG HTML5 actions & issues status

Dimension attributes and video

Discussions with plh (License)

Discussions with plh [was: Moving Forward]

disinterested chairing [was Re: summary="" in HTML5]

DOM idiosyncracies and made-up tag names

Draft text for summary attribute definition

Drop foster-parented stuff on the floor if parent gone

Entropy w.r.t. Namespace Discussion

Example canvas element use - accessibility concerns

fieldset: a CSS block formatting context?

Floating point number feedback

Foster-parenting and taint

fragid navigation and pct-encoded

frameset-ok as flag vs. insertion mode

Fwd: table, tbody, tr (was : Rendering section feedback)

google supports rel="canonical" (ISSUE-27 rel-ownership)

H:TML Status section updated [was: Moving forward on deciding]

head@profile: another dropped attribute

HTML 5 Spec, broken link (anchor)

HTML is a declarative mark-up language

IE compat with coords parsing

Implementation of head@profile

Input on the agenda

ISSUE-4: Versioning, namespace URIs and MIME types

ISSUE-4: Versioning, namespace URIs and MIME types (was Re: What's the problem? "Reuse of 1998 XHTML namespace is potentially misleading/wrong")

ISSUE-4: Versioning, namespace URIs and MIME types ISSUE-60

ISSUE-54 doctype-legacy-compat, was: Input on the agenda

ISSUE-54, was: Input on the agenda

ISSUE-66 image analysis heuristics

Joint task force on ARIA user agent implementation

Lose Focus When Hidden? (SVG ISSUE-2031)

Media element events

Minor parsing wording comments

minutes: HTML WG Weekly 26 Feb 2009

Need differentiator between "no alt text provided" and "no alt text necessary"

On subsetting the spec [was: Re: ACTION-95, ISSUE-65: Plan to publish a new WD of HTML-5]

Placing elements in the HTML namespace

play() sometimes doesn't do anything now that load() is async

priority based loading of web page elements

Proposed amends to <small> element

publication decision [was: details on report of PFWG HTML5 actions & issues status]

R2866 : better talk about "CSS display" instead of "CSS tables"

Rendering feedback

Rendering Margins and Padding

Rendering section feedback

Rendering: align=right and 'margin-right:auto'

Rendering: comments

Rendering: default style for <figure>

Rendering: more typos

Rendering: typos

Require quotes around attributes for more characters

Reuse of 1999 XHTML namespace, text/html and application/xhtml+xml media types

Review of xhtml-media-types

revised table headers design is OK, right?

scribe volunteers?

several messages

simple shorthand syntax proposal

Spec license

Spec license (was: Re: Discussions with plh)

Spec license use cases - WG Decision on the Record?

Style sheet for W3C version of the spec

summary="" and Universal Design in HTML5

summary="" in HTML5

summary="" in HTML5 (2 of 2)

summary="" in HTML5 ISSUE-32

table caption as a short description, @summary as a long description

Table feedback

table-summary argument

table/@summary, Re: ISSUE-4: Versioning, namespace URIs and MIME types

The <iframe> element and sandboxing ideas

The status and compatibility of web standards

TR/web-forms-2 -> TR/html5

URL Parsing: Add note of what unreserved becomes

Use and abuse of @summary

video: various width/height attributes

WG Decision - spec license use cases

What's the problem with Reuse of 1998 XHTML namespace?

What's the problem? "Reuse of 1998 XHTML namespace is potentially misleading/wrong"

window.onerror initial value

XHTML namespace, DOCTYPE, and other versioning mechanisms

{agenda} HTML WG telcon 2009-02-19

{agenda} HTML WG telcon 2009-02-26

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