Draft text for summary attribute definition

Hi all,
I have taken up Sam Rubys suggestion:

"As for me, what I would most like to see in the next draft is a RFC
2119 compatible definition for table summaries, either in terms of a
HTML 4 compatible attribute or in terms of a suitable replacement.
Note that I am specifically saying "in a draft".  What I am *not*
looking for is a reply to this email on how such a topic might be
approached." [1]

and taken a stab at a RFC 2119 compatible definition for table summaries:

If you have positive contributions to make to this definition please
add comments to the wiki page in the notes section

thanks to gez lemon for help with this.

[1] http://groups.google.com/group/mozilla.dev.platform/msg/7ff3a663037afc89?

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Received on Friday, 27 February 2009 12:19:27 UTC