Re: summary="" in HTML5 ISSUE-32

Philip Taylor 2009-02-26 14.50:

> So I've now created 

> [...] it can demonstrate that making summary visible to 
> graphical UAs on all tables on all pages would be unacceptable, by 
> giving a lot of examples where that would result in text like "Layout 
> Table: wraps all of the content on the page" becoming visible and very 
> few examples where it would be beneficial.)

How can you make that conclusion when no-one has has specified how 
and when @summary eventually should be displayed?

I see no important harm if:

* @summary is displayed in a tool-tip similar way, like @title;
* UAs discern between data tables and layout tables;

Eventually, display could be made to happen only when one hovers 
hovers over the <caption> (instead of when one hovers over the 
entire <table>) This should promote the use of both <caption> and 
@summary and thus help authors to get it right.

This would prevent authors from adding a displayable summary 
without also adding a caption.
leif halvard silli

Received on Thursday, 26 February 2009 19:52:37 UTC